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Consistently high quality

IHM is certified in ISO 9001, which is an internationally recognised standard for quality control. This certification means that our processes are tried-and-tested and consistent, ensuring a constant, high level of quality — every time.

We aim to provide consistently high-quality service. In practice, this means that we continually improve the efficiency of our systems, to minimise costs, optimise use of resources and comply with customer requirements (price, delivery time, and quality).

In our continual efforts to improve and optimise our solutions, we employ a wide range of initiatives every day, ensuring that we meet our customers’ current and future requirements.

  • We obtain feedback on new requirements and needs by communicating with our customers daily.
  • We collect and analyse data so that we constantly improve the performance and quality of our services.
  • Our employees use a management system in their daily work. The system contains a number of tools for collecting data on inappropriate elements and potential errors. Once we have analysed these data, the fault is corrected immediately to prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • In-house technical specialists, with extensive knowledge of the relevant sectors, perform quality assurance and control of the finished products and solutions.

The aim of our quality assurance policy is:

  • To give the customer the best solution
  • To deliver well-designed, reliable products
  • To be professional and present our solutions in an honest and ethically correct manner
  • To listen and provide competent, effective services, and to maintain reliable efficiency of supply
  • To promote a culture of quality throughout the company, encouraging all staff to contribute to achieving excellence
  • To improve our solutions continually, based on feedback from customers


Collaboration across borders is essential to sharing knowledge and experience. We have been in the business since 1981, and we have customers in over 25 countries, which means that our company possesses a wealth of professional experience and expertise. This enables us to give every single customer a world-class solution that will develop along with their needs. Our employees regularly participate in courses to update their skills and ensure a high professional standard. This enables us to satisfy, and even exceed, our customers’ expectations regarding quality and service.

Innovation and r&d

As a leading supplier of radio and telecommunication systems, IHM has a responsibility to ensure new developments in the field. And for more than 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the innovation of new products and development of existing products.

IHM’s production facilities, R&D department and test facilities are used for product development and quality assurance. Best practice applied at one customer is implemented at the next and incorporated across sectors. This is how we ensure our customers up-to-date solutions, suited to their current needs and requirements.

Education and training

We offer customers, distributors and partners training in IHM solutions, either at our headquarters in Denmark or in their local vicinity.

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