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Saving people’s lives depends on giving the right treatment, but it is also crucial that help arrives fast, both at the scene of the accident and at the hospital’s accident and emergency department. Effective communication between ambulance personnel, paramedics and A&E can save precious time.

Saving a life often depends on the assistance provided by first responders. Paramedics, doctors and ambulance personnel are the first to obtain a full picture of the accident, and are the first people to examine the casualties.

Fast and direct communication with the on-duty officer at the hospital is vital to ensure that the right trauma team is ready to receive the victims when the ambulance arrives.

One call and all relevant personnel are notified

It is crucial to the success rate that information is passed on quickly to the relevant professionals, such as specialist doctors and nurses. IHM’s communication systems ensure that everybody is notified by a single call. Knowing that everyone has received the same information increases the sense of security among personnel, and allows everyone to base their efforts on the same details.

IHM’s solutions cover a variety of needs:

  • Internal communication to groups and individual calls, including effective call-out of nurses, porters and similar professionals.
  • More efficient internal work processes, saving individual staff time throughout their work day.
  • External communication, including simultaneous communication between ambulance, helicopters and A&E departments, and handling of emergency calls.

Effective communication system developed in collaboration with hospital staff and users

IHM has over 20 years of experience in turnkey and modular solutions for the hospital sector in Scandinavia. We have developed our systems together with professionals at hospitals to ensure that work processes in both acute and everyday situations are supported.

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as IHM MultiAlert Software, IHM DeskTop console, IHM FWT (TETRA radio connection), and AIRBUS TETRA radio.

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