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Most maritime control centres around the world are observing increasing traffic in ports, on rivers and within national maritime borders. Stricter international environmental requirements, together with search and rescue operations, are increasing demands on communication systems for both ports and coastguards. 

Maritime control centres typically monitor shipping traffic in local, very busy waters, such as approaches to and exits from industrial ports or narrow river passages. Coastguards usually handle activities at national level, with cross-service coordination (police, customs, and military). Both types of control centre need to establish an effective communication system that works across the different platforms used. This challenge grows when neighbouring countries and their authorities are also involved.

A broad and varied range of activities

Both coastguards and maritime control rooms handle a wide variety of tasks to ensure a safe and efficient approach to ports, rivers and national waters. Activities range from service to shipping, to surveillance and operations  

  • To combat illegal fishing operations
  • To monitor immigration
  • To combat piracy
  • Connected with environmental activities

And communication and coordination of  

  • Traffic services
  • Traffic routing
  • Search and rescue
  • Environmental activities

This wide variety of tasks makes heavy demands on communication systems in control rooms and at coastguards. There is a serious need for communication systems that connect the various platforms and systems to ensure the safe and effective performance of tasks.

Future-proof solutions

IHM has 40 years’ experience in control room solutions and radio communication and telephony solutions for ports and coastguards all over the world. The systems can handle communication between land-based units, aircraft and ships. Our coastguard and control room solutions are modular, which means they can be scaled up or down and new facilities can be added as needs change.

IHM’s solutions for maritime control rooms and coastguards ensure:

  • Communication across a variety of radio communication systems and platforms
  • Two-way communication from land to ships and aeroplanes, and between ships.
  • Hierarchical structure, with local, regional and national control centres
  • Automatic recording
  • A solution designed according to GMDSS regulations
  • 24/7/365 service and support

IHM offers a range of maritime solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as COM4500MCS from IHM’s maritime systems. These can be supplied with several levels of redundancy, according to your needs.

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