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IHM’s control room solution for coastguards and ports ensures simple and effective communication, both in the local area and over large distances. It also ensures trouble-free technical communication between the various task forces — locally, nationally and across borders.

Our 35 years of experience in control room solutions for the maritime industry ensures a simple and effective communication platform that solves the challenges associated with communicating across different systems, at sea, on land and in the air.

We supply one complete communication system based on know-how and experience of the industry.

The solution ensures:

  • Two-way communication from land to ship via VHF-MF/HF or satellite link
  • Units can be stand-alone yet still be operative
  • A task can also be taken over, for instance, by a national control room
  • Communication is possible across a variety of radio communication solutions
  • Standardised operation of all types of radio communication systems

The solution is designed to support communications tasks related to shipping services and surveillance of:

  • Coastal areas
  • National waters 
  • Information about traffic conditions
  • Communication of conversations, etc.

The systems comply with current regulations for GMDSS systems. This means that IHM can supply a complete system for installation as a port system or as a communication system at a national communications centre.

Knowledge sharing means more effective operations
The IHM solution is distinctive in that it is a system composed of local control centres, connected in a network, for example, with one national control room and a number of regional control rooms or operator units.

We can also provide key expertise where needed. If an operator requires special expertise to coordinate a rescue operation, the national control centre can either provide the necessary expertise or take over communications and coordination of the task entirely. If a unit is disconnected, the national control unit can take over monitoring and coordination of the task until contact to the unit has been re-established.

Simple upsizing

IHM’s solutions are flexible and numerous extra functions can be added. For example, if you add an IHM TETRA solution, or a ground-to-air solution, operators will also be able to communicate with other communication systems used for aeroplanes and helicopters, police and other national services.

The VTS solution with TETRA extension includes the following functions:

  • Integration of telephony with an option for connecting calls on both VHF and MF/HF
  • Automatic recording of calls
  • A solution designed according to GMDSS regulations, which enables integration of:
    • DSC (Digital Selective Calling) signalling
    • MSI – Maritime Safety Information
    • ATIS – Automatic Terminal Information Service
    • NAVTEX – Transmission and Reception of NAVTEX messages

Integration with an analogue system

IHM’s solution for coastguards enables integration between the maritime communication platform and an analogue/digital system, which is used for communication between land-based and/or airborne units.

Integration is established by cabling the coastguard’s communications centre directly to one or more base stations in the analogue communication system.

The integration option enables operators at the control centre to communicate within the land-based communication system, where they can patch calls from units in one system to units in another.

Control room solutions with this integration option provide the following functions:

  • Individual calls
  • Communication to groups of radios

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as IHM IP Switch, DSC, MSI, NAVTEX and ATIS.

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