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Efficient radio communication is crucial for smooth and streamlined harbour administration. IHM’s maritime stand-alone communication system for IHM SAILOR radios is a standardized solution for controlling multiple radio units, locally or remotely installed. This solution has been developed to provide harbours with larger geografical radio coverage. The system is configured with one control station and up to 4 radios.

Harbour administrations rely on efficient radio communication, often due to challenging harbour entries. This requires communication via marine channel16 and the harbour’s own dedicated channel simultaneously.

Harbour administrations also need to be able to relay information to groups of staff or individuals on land or on board ships navigating the harbour.

Safe and efficient communication
IHM’s maritime stand-alone communication system for SAILOR radios is a standardized solution with communication facilities for multiple radio transceivers controlled from one operation centre.

The operation centre controls the various types of radio transceivers (VHF/MF/HF), installed locally or remotely via VoIP. Beside one-to-one communication, the operator is able to handle communication on several radio channels simultaneously - and this without the risk of interference between these.

The simple and user-friendly operator GUI developed in corperation with users, provides increased security during high-stress situations.

Great solution, small investment
IHM’s communication solution for SAILOR radios is ideal for harbours and coast guards operating from one to four radios, installed locally or remotely.


  • Two-way stand-alone communication system
  • Radio coverage for larger geographical areas
  • Group communication
  • PC based control of remote base stations
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • Flexible configuration
  • Service agreement with 24/7/365 support


Technical features

  • 1 central control centre
  • 10,1”, 15,6” or 22” PC solution with touch function
  • Standardized IHM software for maritime systems (GMDSS compliant)
  • Remote operation of SAILOR Radios (6000 series)
  • Remote operation via IP Interface
  • Interface for VHF and MF/HF
  • Interface for analogue phone line
  • Automatic recording and personal replay functions
  • Automatic logging of activities
  • Interface for DSC, optional

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