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IHM’s COMStop solution prevents illegal communication between prisoners or detainees and people on the outside.

The intelligent system picks up signals from outgoing data traffic, calls and text messages. The activity is displayed on a monitor, clearly indicating where there is illegal mobile phone traffic. A jamming function can be added to the detection function. This stops signals, for example from a cell where mobile phone traffic has been detected.

Geographical area can be specified

The solution can be used in both prisons and detention centres as the area to be covered can be individually defined. It is merely a question of specifying which cells or rooms the system should cover. Mobile phones or other radio-based communication equipment can still be used in offices outside the defined area.

The solution gives personnel a sense of security

The COMStop solution’s jamming function, COMJam, only covers mobile telephone frequencies. This means that prison officers can still use their internal DECT communication equipment, since it operates on a different frequency. This ensures the safety of the officers, while preventing inmates from influencing investigations or communicating illegally with people on the outside.

It should be noted that special permission is required from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency to set up jamming technology.

This solution includes:

  • Quick and precise detection of mobile phones
  • Automatic logging
  • Service agreement with 24/7/365 support

The following function can be added to the solution:

  • Selective signal jamming

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as COMStop 4G, COMStop Server and COMJam.

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