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Reliable emergency preparedness planning prepares the electricity and gas sector to handle major incidents and threats to utilities

The electricity and gas sector is a vital part of society’s infrastructure. For this reason, it must comply with legislation on emergency management and planning. Utilities companies must be included in emergency management when incidents affect supplies to companies and the general public. And communication between utilities’ control centres and personnel in the field depends on effective and robust technical systems and resources.

Strict requirements for emergency management call for a reliable communication solution

Communication systems must be able to operate in ordinary, day-to-day situations as well as in critical emergency situations. It is also important that they do not rely on public grids and the ordinary mobile telecommunications network.  

In order to guarantee the public a high level of service and security, overview, control, leadership, and, not least, sufficient personnel and equipment, are needed in emergency situations. To meet these strict requirements, the utilities sector needs a complete solution that gives a full picture and ensures fast response times.

Reliable systems ensure high operational reliability

When operations are disrupted, reliable systems are needed to communicate with technical personnel who may not necessarily be on site at the control centre. This typically applies to utilities with home security schemes whereby security guards move from address to address.

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as IHM VCS (communication software), IHM TE10-41 Audio Box, and AIRBUS TETRA radios.

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