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Capacity Max solution - a reliable trunked tailormade solution

19 February 2024

Kilde: Motorola - Capacity Max

Capacity Max is a Motorola a MOTOTRBO two-way radio solution designed to enhance the capacity and scalability of the communication system, particularly in scenarios where large numbers of users need to communicate simultaneously.

Gains and benefits

  • Scalability: Capacity Max allows for the connection of multiple sites and thousands of users, providing scalability to accommodate growing communication needs.
  • Enhanced Capacity: It employs Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, which divides a radio channel into multiple time slots, effectively increasing the capacity of the system by allowing multiple users to share the same frequency channel.
  • Improved Performance: With Capacity Max, users can experience better voice quality, increased reliability, and reduced interference compared to conventional analog systems.
  • Advanced Features: The system supports various advanced features such as priority calls, text messaging, GPS tracking, and advanced telemetry options, enhancing the functionality and versatility of the communication system.
  • Management Tools: Capacity Max provides administrators with comprehensive management tools for monitoring and controlling the system, including features like remote diagnostics, configuration management, and software updates.

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