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DMR and maritime communication system at STAR Refinery

02 January 2019

DMR and maritime communication system at STAR Refinery

Communication optimises workflow

Socar’s Star Refinery covers a more than 2,400 hectare on the Aliaga Peninsula with three piers for ships to dock. With $6.3 billion by 2020, it is the biggest foreign single investment in the energy sector of Turkey. More than 1100 people is working on the site, which emphasis the need of a smooth and efficient communication.

The Star refinery awarded the international well-known infrastructure expert AIR (American International Radio) to design and build the IT-infrastructure and communication system. As AIR needed a collaborator with strong references within maritime radio technology, AIR contacted IHM for supply of the communication system including the maritime communication. In 2017, the AIR implemented the IHM communication system, and extended it with audio logging in 2018.

Intuitive software and operation

‘Choosing IHM as the supplier of the communication system was basically because of their well proven maritime communication solutions. They have in-depth knowledge of the maritime sector, and the solution meet the customer’s needs and requirements, says Berk Isbilir, Engineering Manager of AIR and continues: 
‘One of the most positive experiences of working with IHM, was to learn how easy implementation of the IHM technology was.’

Berk Isbilir explains: ‘The IHM software is probably the most well prepared software for integration that we’ve ever come across. It is designed intuitively and logical’
A statement that is emphasized by AIR’s many years as system integrator and the largest Motorola Distributor in EMEA.

Easy operation

The IHM user interface on which operators control both land and maritime radios reflects the same approach to intuitively design and programming of software. Via one single operation display, the operators obtain an overview of the active and non-active radios, and they coordinate and control the communication easily. With only a few clicks they are able to patch communication e.g. between DMR radios and VHF radios, patch radios to and from talk groups. All functionalities are conducted - smooth and seamlessly.

A futureproof solution

The solution entails two operator positions in the control room and 2 remote locations equipped with one MF / HF radio and one MOTOTRBO radio on each location. Another four portable VHF radios, whereof one is for DSC, is included in the solution.

The solution are ready for extensions e.g. functionalities and operator positions. In 2018, audio logging for documentation purposes was added to the system.

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