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Telephone controller (COM51)

Telephone controller (COM51)

COM51 is a radio- and telephone controller for both Base Stations and mobile radios

A standard analogue DTMF telephone can be connected to the COM51. If you have a Danish or Swedish ANI telephone, it will be possible to display radio ID on the display.

COM51 holds a number of programmable functions and build-in modem for data communications which makes it suitable as mobile radio modem for e.g. a printer.

  • 2-wire analogue telephone interface
  • Supports CCIR, ZVEI, DTMF
  • Interfaces to most Base Stations on the market
  • Build-in modem for data communications
  • Supports Danish/Swedish "ANI display" telephones
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SIP Phone Patch (SIP COM53)

IHM SIP Phone Patch (SIP COM53)  for easy communication across various telephony platforms.

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