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Marinas, locks and pilots are dependent on efficient radio communication. IHM’s maritime stand-alone communication system IHM MICRO is designed for minor administrations with only one single operator and up to 4 radios. The system meets basic needs for communication, including remote control of radios.

Administrations of marinas, locks and pilots in small geographical areas need easy and efficient radio communication when communicating with ships via single and multichannel radios.

Safe and efficient communication
IHM’s maritime stand-alone communication system IHM MICRO is designed for administrations that need a simple but powerful system with several functionalities.

The system is providing communication facilities for multiple radio transceivers controlled from one operation centre. The operation centre controls the various types of radio transceivers (VHF/MF/HF) installed locally or remotely via VoIP. This ensures flexible and efficient communication.

Easy to install and use
This plug ‘n play system is easy to install due to an embedded start-up program. Within a few minutes, the system is running. Simultaneous communication on several radio channels is possible without the risk of interference between these.

Great solution, small investment
IHM’s communication solution IHM MICRO is ideal for e.g. marinas, locks and pilots with one operator position, and where maximum 4 base stations are sufficient.


  • Two-way stand-alone communication system
  • Radio can be selected for receive only
  • Group communication
  • Remote control of base stations
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • Service agreement with 24/7/365 support

Technical features

  • 1 control centre
  • Remote operation via IP Interface
  • Interface for VHF and UHF

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