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COM45xx series is IHM's most flexible communications switches. COM4500 can switch up to 512 interfaces in any mixture.

High reliabillity for 24/7 operation

The IHM COM4500 switch is digital and can - with IHM's huge variety of interface modules - interface both analogue and digital telephony lines, radios and Operator terminals.

The COM45xx switch is also available for smaller applications. The COM450 can handle up to 16 interfaces. The COM45xx series shares hardware and technology with IHM's COM26 series, but whereas the COM26 series always works without a PC, the COM45x series is always connected to one or more PC servers.

  • Modular, up to 512 interfaces
  • Proven technology with more than 300 system installed
  • Numerous standard applications available
  • Can be delivered for OEM with an open IP command set to system houses
  • Mouse/keyboard or Touch screen Operator positions

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