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PC controlled (Compact)

PC controlled (Compact)

A compact solution, where server and the switch/gateway is build into the same 19" 3HU shelve. However big enough for 24/7 communications services for many customers.

COM4500 - Compact only takes up 3U in a 19" enclosure and it includes Server PC, Power Supply and all required interface modules for

  • Operator terminals
  • IHM FWT(Fixed Wireless TETRA) radios
  • analogue Base Stations (Legacy)
  • analogue or ISDN telephony lines towards PBX or PSTN
  • interface towards an external voice recorder

COM4500 - Compact is a modular built communications switch and gateway, with free slots for up to 4 IHM interface modules from the list below:

  • HM817/3 –VoIP module for oup to 4 operator terminals or FWT radios
  • HM802/1 – 8 port 2-wire audio module for connection of an external voice recorder
  • HM808/2 – Analogue Base Station module for up to 4 Base Stations (local or 4-wire remote controlled)
  • HM818/124 – Module for up to 4 standard DTMF telefones
  • HM818/123 – Module for analogue PBX/PSTN or RBO/RBO
  • HM807/2 – Module for ISDN up to 4 x ISDN2 – (Basic rate) for PBX, PSTN or RBO/RBO
COM4500 - Compact can be expanded at any time. For instance if you do not have TETRA in your area for the time being, you may use it right now for communication via analogue radio. When TETRA arrive in your area again, you simply expand your system with modules and FWT radios.

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