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CAD Operator terminal (TE10-41)

CAD Operator terminal (TE10-41)

The IHM-TE10-41 is a VoIP enabled digital desktop operator for Mission Critical Command and Control Centers.

The terminal includes a wide-stereo function enabling easy distinction between two audio channels.

IHM TE10-41 is equipped with gooseneck microphone, loudspeakers, side-tone filters, limiters and AGC to fulfill the Operator requirements for use in mission critical command and control centers.

TE10-41 holds, beside the IP connection to COM4500, a variety of interfaces for connection of headsets and/or handset, PTT switch, external loudspeakers and a PC-sound card for personal record and playback function.

Further interfaces like 4-wire E/M interfaces can be added to the audio box as it holds three available slots for IHM baby interface boards, for example HM108 for a 4-wire E&M interface
Finally the unit holds an RS232 connector for firmware upload, setting of IP address and local control.


Interfaces included:

  • One Ethernet interface
  • Two Headset/handset interfaces
  • One PC sound card interface for personal record/replay function
  • One Stereo jack for external loudspeakers
  • Three slots for optional baby boards, for example the 84-108/1 4-wire interface, for connection of auxiliary equipment like base stations, voice recorder or HM123/1 for analog PBX function


(WxH(b/f)xD): 240 x 80/20 x 200mm


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