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IHM FLEXIBLE GMDSS is an obvious choice when you demand a distress & safety communication solution that is reliable and cost-effective. Easy operation by one unified panel on touch screen for VHF, VHF DSC, MF / HF. Operation panels can be placed in several locations outside the bridge.

Communication on board implies various radio platforms and technologies for fulfilling the international conventions and requirements, as well as active supervision of inbound calls. When ships are in ports, officers often spend time on running between e.g. cargo room and brigde for responding the calls. 

IHM’s new compact standard station for GMDSS and general communication meets all international legislations and requires only space for a touch screen. Together with a (wireless) headset, you obtain an overview of all communication in addition to a smooth and seamless handling of all communication. 

Besides located on the bridge, operation panels can be situated in the cargo room, the citadel or any other preferred locations. 

Safe and efficient communication
IHM FLEXIBLE communication system is a plug ‘n play solution designed for handling of multiple radios and ensuring flexibility in the system’s features.

With IHM FLEXIBLE, operation centers control the various types of radio transceivers (UHF,VHF, MF/HF, TETRA, MOTOTRBO) installed locally or remotely via VoIP. Simultaneous communication on several radio channels is possible - and without risking any interference between these.

The simple and user-friendly operator GUI developed in cooperation with users ensures increased security during high-stress situations. This and a range of optional features ensure an efficient communication.

Easy to install and easy to use
IHM FLEXIBLE is easy to install due to an embedded start-up program. After entering the types of radios, the system is up and running within minutes.

IHM FLEXIBLE is ideal for administrations with e.g. 3 operators and 4 base stations.


  • Two-way stand-alone communication system
  • Radio coverage for larger geographical areas
  • Group communication
  • PC based control of remote base stations
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • Flexible configuration
  • Service agreement with 24/7/365 support

Technical features

  • 2-6 operators
  • 10,1”, 15,6” or 22” PC solution with touch function
  • Standardized IHM software for maritime systems (GMDSS compliant)
  • Remote operation of radios (e.g. SAILOR 6000 series)
  • Remote operation via IP Interface
  • Interface for VHF/UHF, MF/HF, TETRA, MOTOTRBO
  • Interface for analogue phone line
  • Interface for RTP Voice Logging Recorder
  • Automatic logging of calls
  • Interface for MSI, optional
  • Interface for ATIS, optional
  • Interface for DSC, optional

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