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Indoor Coverage

Fire fighters, security staff, service personal, authority resources rely on smooth and efficient indoor radio communication when operating in confined areas like large buildings, in basements, shopping centers, vessels and in road, railway or escape tunnels. For tactical and operational reasons comprehensive radio coverage is crucial for ensuring the safety of personnel and public safety.   

Indoor radio coverage quality

The quality of coverage depends on the construction and RF attenuation of buildings, the building material, the surroundings and the distance to the nearest radio base station. If coverage is too poor, additional radio and DAS equipment can be added to solve the coverage issue and will increase the radio service in the confined indoor facilities.

Comprehensive radio coverage from a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) system benefits from a much better radio service with increased voice and data communication and hence increased tactical and operational public safety.

IHM solutions

IHM offers tailored and optimized indoor radio coverage solutions for PMR and other wireless communication technologies. The systems are individually planned, designed and implemented for each individual location. Examples on types of system would be:

  • Active DAS systems using cell enhancers or bidirectional repeaters for pickup antennas or fiber optical installations and base stations (BTR) with connection to radiating cables or antennas.
  • TMO/DMO gateways for systems where a simpler functionality is accepted connected to a passive DAS network.

IHM looks very much into the specific project to find the best solution for a certain service so the customer gets the best performing solution looking into cost/benefit

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