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Navigation SafetyNav

Navigation SafetyNav

SafetyNAV is the most user-friendly and professional navigation for fire, ambulance and police services. Using the integrated road management environment, you can make real-time adjustments to the already basic high-quality map material specially configured for emergency services.

Closing, adding or removing roads, everything becomes available offline on the emergency services' vehicles within moments. By specifying the dimensions and weight of the vehicle, this is taken into account to calculate the most optimal route. By using the special "Blue Light" functionality, emergency services with the highest priority can use special preferential routes.

Features and benefits of SafetyNav:

  • Offline calculation of the optimum route
  • Integration of control room information
  • Display of control room information about the incident application
  • Responsive for recalculation of road information
  • Full influence on roads and routes
  • Overview of ETA for other called out vehicles
  • Full integration to control room solution, IHMs control room solution too
  • Fully integrated with control room software and integrations is also possible with other systems: e.g. traffic lights, road work management systems, access control systems for hospitals, inner cities and leisure parks
  • POI - ’Point of interest’, e.g. location of fire exhauster
  • Device and software monitoring
  • Adding of dimension of each vehichle

For further information, please contact Steen Skaarup, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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