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IHM has developed a solution for DR, which secures stable audio connection without delay between reporters in the field and studio hosts. This solution makes it possible for the reporters to call the studio directly and transfer their own call to other TV or radio studios.

DR had challenges in handling the contact between the radio and TV studios and the reporters in the field. It was inconvenient that the reporters had many telephone numbers to manage depending on which studio they wanted to contact.

The same reporters often appear on various platforms f.inst. DR1, DR2 and on radio and the connection is likely to disappear in the transfer process.

When it comes to audio, things are delicate Steen Skaarup from IHM explains. The audio is never better than the weakest link. And in this case the weak link is the mobile phone of the reporter.

It turned out that one of IHM’s existing solutions could be configured to meet the need of DR. The expensive high quality audio connections are now replaced by a simple solution, which makes work easier for both producers, studio hosts, internal communication responsible and audio engineers.
Stable audio

The IHM-box, which the solution is called at DR in everyday speech, is working by use of the internal IP-telephony of DR. The reporter is now able to call the studio directly using a telephone no. to the IHM-box. From the mobile phone the reporter is also able to transfer the call to other studios or to DR Radio.

The producer is able to ensure that the audio connection is ready both ways. Consequently, he avoids to connect to a reporter where the audio connection fails. At the same time, the solution produces a cost saving, as an expensive satellite connection to the reporter is unnecessary.

Useful investment

DR expects that the IHM-box can handle 80 percent of the interviews with reporters. In some cases, it is still necessary to handle features via satellite or high quality audio connections. For instance, if a reporter is located in a war-torn area without stable telephone connections.

It has been an exiting and untraditional task to solve:

Our core competences are communication solutions within Public Safety and Transport. So it is interesting to see, how these solutions also can be used in a more simple way, when it comes to functionality - within a field that is totally dependent on stability and quality, says Steen Skaarup from IHM.

Disconnect feature

Moreover, the DR solutions is to be further developed. Next step is to make a solution, so the studio hosts are able to hang up for the reporters, who often forget this after an interview and thus holds the line unnecessarily.

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