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Algerian Harbours and coastal areas

 Algerian Harbours and coastal areas

Effective communication and surveillance to the harbours and coastal areas of Algeria. Algeria will have full control of their maritime traffic thanks to a flexible, reliable and scalable communication system from IHM and their partner, Kongsberg. The solution delivered is one integrated system consisting of ‘stand-alone’ units as well.

From stand-alone systems to one integrated system

Algeria made severe demands to their new solution. The existing ‘stand-alone’ systems were to be phased out and replaced by one integrated surveillance and communication system, which should control the 928 km stretch of coast.

The system was to support environmental tasks, surveillance of national waters, search and rescue tasks and also secure that the communication would reach public authorities, among others the coast guards.

IHM adapted the solution to fit the special needs and requirements of the customer and consequently a state-of-the art communication solution will be delivered to Algeria.

Coordinated actions across authorities

The new surveillance and communication system ensures that both public authorities and coast guards will have a complete overview of the traffic in and outside the harbours and along the entire coastline.

As the communication solution covers all public authorities, the actions can be coordinated effectively, for instance at search and rescue incidents.

At the same time, relevant authorities are able to guide vessels in the Algerian waters and interfere effectively in case of colission accidents or environmental disasters.

A secure solution with stand-alone units

In practice, the solution supports the following functions:

  1. Harbour management: Guidance of ships, which a located in coastal waters, f.inst. traffic in and out of the harbour.
  2. Coastal surveillance: Guidance of vessels in coastal areas, f.inst. daily traffic and environmental matters.
  3. Security actions: Tasks in connection with search and rescue incidents.

A future proof system

The modular structure of the system was one of the crucial parameters that made the choice of IHM as supplier, as the individual units are able to work as stand-alone units and at the same time work as part of the total unity. Consequently, the system gives a total overview of present tasks.

Because the IHM solution is modular and flexible, Algeria is able to further develop the solution as their requirements and needs will change in the future.

The solution

  • 1 national control centre in Algiers
  • 3 regional control centres in Algiers, Oran and Annaba
  • 11 local control centres along the coast line
Each control centre has its own specific tasks and competences. The regional centres, for instance, have search and rescue tasks.

The operators of the various units are connected via an IP-network with redundancy (= back-up in case of failure). Redundancy secures that data are updated and synchronised.

The design of the solution is hierarchically and stand-alone based, so that each centre is able to work independently. Example: A regional centre is able to take over the tasks of the other units in case of failure.

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