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Martin Linge Offshore platform

Martin Linge Offshore platform

The oil rig, Martin Linge, saves 9 wages and increases security significantly thanks to a combined on- and offshore communication system from IHM. The solution consists of a staffed control centre at the Norwegian west coast and an unstaffed control centre on the actual oil rig. The two control centres works synchronously and independently of each other.

Increased security by shore based staff

IHM has delivered a communication system to one of Total’s newest oil rigs, Martin Linge, which is placed outside the Norwegian west coast. Total, which is one of the world’s largest oil & gas companies, wanted to move the control centre on shore for security reasons. On shore, the need for staff and helicopters is reduced, and consequently the operational costs are lower and the security increased. The demand made to IHM was therefore, that the communication control was to take place primarily on shore, but also on the actual oil rig.

Several communication systems integrated into one dashboard

An other challenge to face was to simplify the communication between various types of communication. Today, most oil rigs have one communication system for helicopters, one for ships and an other for the internal communication with technicians and oil rig staff. This often entails ineffective communication due to delays and high error risk. Furthermore, several systems put heavy demands on the competences of the operators as to operation of the system and often more staff is required to work in the control centre 24/7.

Savings and effective communication

The innovative IHM communication system ensures, that onshore and offshore control centres are working synchronously. Whether the operators are on or off shore is without functional importance.
The savings cover approximately 2 operators. However, support functions mean that each shift saves 9 wages. Furthermore, the new communication system integrates several systems and is highly user-friendly, which give quick and efficient communication. With these effective features the IHM state-of-the-art communication solution meets all customer demands.

A secure solution

The new IHM communication system ensures that Total in Dusavika has complete overview of the communication. This results in an optimal utilisation of resources and reduced security risks.

Future proof

The solution is modular and consequently it can be scaled to fit future requirements and demands.

The solution

  • 1 maritime control centre onshore, Dusavika

  • 1 maritime control centre offshore, Martin Linge oil rig

  • 4 maritime stations (radios), offshore

  • 2 ground-to-air radio stations, offshore

  • 8 local operator units, 3 onshore and 5 offshore

Communication can be established via satellite and IP Network. The dashboards are user-friendly and do not require special skills, and several systems are integrated into one, which minimises errors.

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