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Metro City Ring

Metro City Ring

Cityringen will have a secure and multifunctional communication solution.

Metroselskabet needed a supplier who was able to develop a communication solution with specific, technical features. IHM was able to do the job and consequently we were selected as business partner for the new city circle line, Cityringen, which is an expansion of the existing Copenhagen

The content of the solution

The delivered solution consists of 11 operator positions for the Copenhagen Metro control centre and approx. 150 hand-held Tetra radios. The solution is based on a Motorola Dimetra IP network, which is enforced in Copenhagen. This is an advantage as communication is to take place between units placed above and under ground.

The solution has 3 main features:
  • Customised login feature
  • PA feature (Public Address)
  • Alarm feature

Customised login on generic radios

The staff of Cityringen will be using a 4-digit code in order to log in on their new Tetra radios. The unique is that they can log in on any of the delivered radios, which usually cannot be handled by the Tetra net. This is a useful feature at guard shifts and when damage of a radio makes it unfit for use. Automatically, the system will categorise the staff into speaking groups relating to work area. The operator in the control centre is now able to give one message to a specific speaking group. For instance a message saying that all ticket checkers are called for a meeting at 6 p.m.

The staff within one speaking group is able to communicate with each other - but not with other speaking groups. The control centre is able to listen to the conversations within the groups and can give individual messages. Finally, the control centre is also able to give one message to all speaking groups at the same time.

PA messages in trains and on platforms

By use of the Tetra radios the staff of the Cityringen is able to give messages via loudspeakers on the platforms and in Metro trains. In order to obtain the best sound quality the message is recorded temporarily and played subsequently thorough the loadspeakers.
A message of this kind could be one saying that an obstacle is lying on the rails and consequently the trains are standing temporarily. The message can be given to selected trains and platforms.

Alarm feature in emergency situations

In emergencies like attack on staff, violent scenes between
passengers, sudden illness, indisposition etc. the staff of the Cityringen may press the red button on their radio. This will open a free line to the control centre, which means that no one can interfere the communication going on. The line will be open for the following 45 seconds and the operator on guard will be able to hear what is going on and take relevant action.

These 3 features will ensure that Cityringen gets an effective communication, which secures their staff and also see to it that Copenhageners are able to travel safely under ground.

Facts about Cityringen

  • Scheduled to be ready in June 2019.
  • Adds 17 new stations to the existing Copenhagen Metro.
  • Has a distance of approx. 15,5 km.
  • A trip by Cityringen will take 24 minutes.
  • 130 millions of passengers are expected to go by trainper year in the new Metro system, Metroselskabet, which is responsible for the building of Cityringen, is owned by the Danish
    state and the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

The construction of Cityringen is made with the highest regard to the environment and the surroundings. Eco-friendly solutions are part of the choice of materials and construction methods.
Cityringen contributes to improve the air environment in Copenhagen city and to reduce the CO2
emission. The Metro is actually the most environmentally friendly way of transportation next to the

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