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Naviair, Greenland

Naviair, Greenland

IHM developed a remotely controlled solution for Greenland's 4 million m2 air space when NAVIAIR should relocate an information centre more than 1000 km from the strategically placed transmitter towers to Greenland’s air traffic.

NAVIAIR was facing a huge task when they contacted IHM at the end of 2013: NAVIAIR’s FIC (Flight Information Centre) in Kangerlussuaq was to move in with Arctic Command in Nuuk in order to achieve a closer cooperation. This also implied that the operator function in Kangerlussuaq was discontinued, whereas transmitter towers and base station were to remain where they were - strategically positioned in relation to Greenlandic air traffic. The task of NAVIAIR’s FIC is to give information to the air traffic of the entire Greenlandic air space, maintain reliable air traffic and act as alarm control room handling search and rescue operations of aircrafts. The Greenlandic air space is vast and reaches from the North Pole over the Canadian airspace to the west and the Norwegian airspace to the east.

Strong cooperation with a tight deadline

Time has passed quickly from NAVIAIR contacted IHM at the end of 2013 until the contract was signed and the cooperation was up and running. – We needed a fully functional solution from the night between September 27th and 28th 2014 – says Michael Kreim Justesen from NAVIAIR and he continues: We know IHM from earlier deliveries and never doubted that they were able to do the job technically. We were facing a huge task and a hardcore deadline, which were to reconcile with other solutions, business partners and employees. This did not allow any laid-back attitude, which is why trust has been crucial to us. IHM has never delivered solutions in connection with air traffic control. However, one of IHM’s core outputs, an existing multi-channel digital platform made for coastal communication, could be further developed and adjusted to do the job: – We have developed software and user interface, which make NAVIAIR’s FIC independent of location. Now, it is possible to be seated at a desk in Nuuk and change the antenna site by clicking a screen display in Kangerlussuaq. At the same time the interface has been made much more user friendly, says IHM’s project manager.

A new challenge for IHM

One aspect is the technical part, which is an IHM expertise. Another aspect is documentation in relation to the air traffic authorities. It is vital that all papers ensure that the solution meets all demanded standards. The air traffic control systems are characterized by a number of international and national standards. Prior to putting the equipment into operation IHM has to provide documentation of the whole process and the authorities are to approve everything in accordance with these standards. – IHM has been very understanding and cooperative as to finding solutions that could comply with our very high demands for documentation – both with regard to safety and technic. And even though IHM was inexperienced in relation to the comprehensive documentation of both the process and the technical part, they have proven themselves, says project manager at NAVIAIR, Michael Kreim Justesen. – IHM has been very pleased with the NAVIAIR cooperation. We have learnt a lot as to quality assurance and documentation, says the project manager from IHM. This experience is priceless when delivering to the airport industry.

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