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When there are critical incidents in the transport sector, such as accidents, assault or fire, it is vital that information is communicated fast and operations are effective. This applies equally to trains and buses, on the metro, subway or underground and at the airport. Consequently, the sector is subject to strict requirements for establishing reliable communications and its own emergency management for critical incidents. The fact that effective communication improves the level of service to passengers is an added bonus.

Companies responsible for infrastructure need their own control room solutions that can handle alarm call functionality and communication to staff and passengers. These functions are essential to safety and to ensuring a high level of service in daily operations.

Call-out and communication of information are critical factors

The transport sector needs to be able to handle critical incidents effectively, using its own emergency management and assisted by public sector emergency management. Consequently, communication between the control room and the emergency management system and the various personnel groups must be reliable and dependable. Effective communication of information ensures an effective operation. The system also needs to be able to handle:

  • Internal calls between groups or individuals
  • Communication to passengers, for example about delays, over loudspeakers or on information screens

Reliable communication

IHM has supplied radio and telecommunication solutions to the transport sector for many years. We have over 30 years of experience in emergency management solutions and radio and telecommunication systems. Therefore, we are equipped to solve any challenge related to rail, road, sea or air traffic. The solution can handle:

  • Receipt of alarm calls
  • Coordination of operations
  • Visual summary of the geographical position of alarms
  • Video surveillance

The force of IHM’s solutions is that they can handle emergency calls related to critical incidents and send information to relevant personnel groups across communication platforms and systems.

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Solutions include products such as IHM CAD and IHM VCS.

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